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~ Telopeapix Premade ebook covers shop ~

~ New in our Premade eBook Cover Shop ~

New to our Premade eBook Covers shop are some Kindle VELLA COVERS.

These covers are fun to make and suit any story series you can dream up.

There is no text on Vella Covers, so they can be downloaded immediately for you to show off your new series.

Visit our shop and explore what’s new …

~ What's in our Premade eBook Cover shop ~

Premade eBook Covers with a difference. Inside our SHOP you will find a unique selection of Premade eBook covers that can be used for various genres, including sci-fi, mystery, paranormal, non-fiction, fantasy, illustration, design, abstract or whatever else you can dream up.

So, if you’re after a Premade eBook cover that looks amazing and fits your new story perfectly, check out our covers over in our shop!

Once the text is in place, your new cover will be sent to you immediately.

Remember, every Premade eBook Cover is only sold ONCE, making your new cover uniquely yours – one-of-a-kind.

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Telopeapix Unique Premade eBook Covers. My library of unique one of a kind handmade eBook Covers.

A Sample of my covers

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