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When we first acquired an interest in website building, we lived in NSW, and at the time, my favourite native flower was our Waratah – Telopea speciosissima – so our first website name became our state’s floral emblem. Although not an easy name for people to get their tongue around, as I have found over the years, it has followed me and now in a different state it is still a favourite native of mine.

Here in our digital shop, we offer premade eBook covers and some illustrated 3D-rendered characters for all you wonderful creative story tellers.

CinnePendrel ...


I guess I could call myself a budding, self-taught digital Artist; all my training and knowledge have come from the great ‘University of Gootube’ amongst other professional presenters.

After dabbling in digital photography, I spread my wings, became more passionate about ‘artistic composites’, and tried to convey a story around my character composites. Devouring tutorial after tutorial.

The process of creating and learning new techniques and skills is what I enjoy, and if I learn something new every day or so, it’s a tick😊

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