Add odds …

Taking time out to look back over what has taken control of my time over the past couple of weeks.

Replaying it in my mind yet again I find I have covered some old but new territory … when I say old I go back to the days I was involved in producing a newsletter … since then the software –  understandably – has migrated through several updates … hence the new territory!

I recently attended a CS6 Road Show where I was blown away with all the new development in the aptly named ‘Responsive Design’ arena. Accessing the internet over the new mobile devices means design now must be adaptable to fit the different screen sizes. Ideally creating these flexible designs should be achievable with the minimum of fuss … namely designing one website/page/doc that ‘resizes’ to fit across all mobile devices. Enter the fluid/liquid layout. Yes I know liquid layout has been around for years but now designers can easily design one to fit all … so to speak! Awesome. Interactivity & animation have also been given a complete overhaul & now soooo much easier to create especially for those of us who are logically challenged where code is way out there in the land of … dare I say … geeks … I’m speaking about myself here! I have designed our own websites so I do have minimal HTML & CSS knowledge but as I said very minimal & very basic so to me it all presents an exciting challenge to think that maybe just maybe I can now create something above basic on my sites … a lot of these smarts can now be done in HTML5 & CSS3 … wahooooo !!! If you attended the road show for inspiration it was there for the taking … a designer with ideas constantly flashing through their mind here was brain overload … there was so much inspirational ‘stuff’ demonstrated & I didn’t even get to the video presentations where I believe there is more awesome new developments! The guys made it look so easy of course & no doubt it is if you know which button to click … guess that’s part of their sell!

Back home & is this timing or what? We have been presented a project … just the excuse I needed to delve into In Design & check out all … well some … of the new smarts. We did & so with that completed are looking to do some more creative work.

I have probably given myself several months work as I now want to adapt Adventuredefender  & my photographic site  so they are easily viewed over tablet, mobile & laptop. Maybe I can redo our journals … display them as a booklet/magazine add some interactivity even videos … the possibilities are endless … only limited by my imagination & my ability to come to grips with the new capabilities the software offer! Image galleries hummm I’m not quite sure how they will be viewed on a phone … will need to do some research on those!

There is oh so much to learn just with these new devices alone. I need to figure out – how to turn it on, find the settings to set it up so it stays on longer than 2secs, email from it, take photos with it, work out what app does what & do I need it, then after all that sync the devices … what …  & just where did that file go to? !!!!! That may just take the rest of my days! Not to mention keeping abreast with all the updates – both device & software – to run everything I need, to do all I need to do. Also up there is the ever need to backup all that I’ve spent my time on creating … I have to learn & understand a new backup regime for our highly prized fine art images.

Talk about a Technological explosion   Arrrrrrrrrggggggg!!!!!

In the mean time my little herb garden is being strangled with the dreaded ‘farmers friends’, these Olympic games have encroached on my reading time & I wouldn’t be surprised if my worms had left home to seek out someone who loves them!!!!

Upon reflection I begin to wonder why I feel the need, why I feel I must understand all this new fandangled technology & then on top of that dream up a practical, useful use for it! Why do I think I need x number of devices that all do pretty much the same thing? After all we’re currently going through the ‘we must have this device to survive’ period so what I learn today is updated tomorrow … my brain doesn’t work that fast & is that how I want to spend my precious time?  Why am I trying to conquer the world in my late years when all I want to do is travel our vast beautiful country & capture some unbelievable images?  Then of course there is the flip side to my debate … a completely different direction to my thought process & that is that we are producing by far way too much ‘stuff’ & have been for years … far outstripping our resources. There are so many of the same shop which in turn are filled with rack upon rack of exactly the same ‘stuff’ … they cannot keep pace with all the new gear … & where is all the old stock going??????? But as I say that is another debate!

Meanwhile I shall plod on with my tasks & dream of the time we’ll be cruising the outback roads soaking up visions of our amazing Oz …