When Time Stood Still …

This week our Beerwah Grafx monthly challenge is to capture ‘When Time Stood Still’ through the camera. I though I must have a couple of these in my collection somewhere!  I set about going through my images & yep I found several that would work. Haven’t done too much PS work in the last few weeks been concentrating on the glass negatives I had been given to scan & restore for a book.

As it turned out my biggest challenge was holding check to my patience & gently handling my old faithful PC through editing my large raw files. Spent a lot of time sitting on my hands or just walking away from the screen. I didn’t have to carry out too many steps in either of my programmes before I found I was pushing them too far … many times PS threw it’s hands up & went walkabout resulting in several restarts!!! Got to say though with all the amazing new enhancements in CS6 my favourite right now is the new option to save every 5-10 mins … the recovery … can’t count the number of hours those recovered files have saved me … thank you Adobe.

Here are a couple of edits!