Volunteering …

I am but one of several volunteers here at the Beerwah library who give tutorials to locals on anything to do with computers, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, camera to name just a few … at least anything we are up to speed with. To many in our area all this new technology can be both intimidating &‘frightening’ & the pressing feeling of the need to have such a device that allows then to remain in contact with friends, family & grandchildren pushes them to a purchase. After taking that first step, often a huge confusing step, they then need to know how to use ‘it’.

That is where our library comes to the fore. Both staff & volunteers set time aside to offer group tutorials or one on one tutorials for such learning. Usually these tutorials cover pretty basic stuff to help get them up & going with their new gadget. Occasionally someone will throw in a curly challenge covering a new area to us … this is good for it keeps us learning as well!! We have a variety of requests; from those who know nothing at all of what their new device does, those who just need the basics to get them started, those with a problem that has had them frustrated & floundering & those who need a little more. Most of the time it’s the basics & if there are any issues usually there is an easy fix & they leave happy. If we can point them to some extra tutorials on the internet all the better. We know they are well on their way & we’ve done our bit if we don’t see them again for a while … then sometimes they return down the track with their next step!

I find it incredibly satisfying when I see eyes light up & my ‘pupil’ go away with the ability to communicate easily again … especially with their grandchildren … wondrous. However it does scare me big time when I see how some of these folk use the internet! … teaching internet safety is a major must! Today I have a lady for basic computing.