My blog beginnings …

Blogging … yes well … to blog or not to blog that is the question my dear grey bits … & if one does decide to blog the next major question is what does one blog about? I have been pondering both these questions for some time now … not being of the writer genre I don’t have any idea why I wish to begin, but from the onset, for some reason, I thought blogging was a neat idea & something that possibly I could get into if I could just settle on a topic!!!!

Bingo … lying in bed one Sunday morning I suddenly remembered, as you do, that I had forgotten to go somewhere the previous Tues … a local meeting I had, had every intention of attending. Whilst replaying the previous days over in my mind attempting to bring to the fore what I could possibly have been doing to forget said meeting another thought crept in … I thought hummm this is not good my days all blend into one here, there appears to be no delineation between them.

What to do me thinks? Would writing down what I do each day help me keep a more visual picture of my doings & goings? Well maybe not writing down everything every day but you know! I know there are calendars & diaries & yes I have a calendar & I use it … obviously not that day! … but no I don’t write a diary never been one for that. The light bulb … that’s it, I say to myself, that could be the basis of my blog … I have a website which at present needs revamping so that will be it … yes!

We all shrug our shoulders & glibly talk about how as we get older the time just flies by … the days, weeks & months morph into one long span of what … time? !!! Right now my minutes become hours, hours become days & the days become years … woooow what happened in between … just where does my time go!!! . … surely I must be doing something with this precious commodity … I appreciate the fact my time is not always filled with practical useful stuff but there must be some positive achievements there somewhere?! Now I’m not worried that I don’t achieve anything productive or positive I know I do it’s just it would be nice to be able to sit at the end of the week & say OK that’s what I have done this week.

Well beginning now June 17th 2012 I will make a concerted effort to ‘journal’ my time.

Writing on the computer is probably best as I can hear my parents groaning at my penmanship as being totally illegible … that I must agree with … the advent of the computer has meant putting pen to paper became a distance memory & my once legible writing is well simply illegible!

It’s true when I say I have never written up & kept a diary … that is until recently.

When we purchased our first 4wd 2008 we decided to design a website written round the modifications carried out on our proud new possession  truck … dubbed our ‘AdventureDefender’ … I then went a step further & decided to write journals around our travels … not quite sure why maybe so we have some written memories & photographs to read & peruse in our quiet years … & perhaps also just maybe our children or grandchildren will be interested some time in their future to read about their Mum & Dad’s or Grandparents’ adventures around Oz! Guess you could say those travel journals were the beginnings of my ‘diary’ writing & in some ways could be an attempt at early blogging minus the online comments!

There’s no doubt untold millions of blogging diaries out there & what I am adding is perhaps but another … none the less I am thinking maybe it’s not such a bad idea. In broadening my writing to include my daily, weekly & monthly comings & goings I’m attempting to put some focus back onto my days & allow me to keep track of what I actually do with my time … productive or not … help produce a visual account that will allow me to look back & say OK that’s what I did then & oh OK that day was a day for reading or oh that’s when I created that image … show me that my time is not one huge chunk of ‘empty space’. Writing regularly serves another purpose … learning a new task … writing … should help keep my brain active & push back the possible onset of the feared days of a mushy brain :)

Don’t get me wrong I’m not worried about getting older I have no control of that but I do have control of how I fill my time. At present a good deal of my time is taken up on the computer learning about photography; how to use my editing programs to create some fine art photography from our images; transcribing our journals from the illegible scratchings written taken along the road of our journeys & not to forget keeping our websites up to date. I also love reading … that includes books on photography, families / women who have carved a life living in our Australian outback, who done it physiological thrillers. Often as not I have some music playing … what it is depends on what I’m doing at the time.

My ideal vision of just how to fill my days … apart from the usual needs of seeing & staying in contact with family, many of whom I unfortunately do not see … is to travel & explore our amazing, vast country Ozz. To live out there & experience such diverse climates that ravage our desert, coast, mountains & forests … to spot some of our unique native wildlife  … & to do all this with my life long partner right there beside me is my ultimate dream. As I say growing old as such doesn’t worry me but keeping my mind & body active & healthy  trying to make each day count is I’d say very important.

So there I’ve begun my first blog …