ND5 – 2016 Shark Bay – Inscription

On Saturday I went along to an ND5 Collaboration presentation. ND5 is a group of 5 of the most talented landscape photographers I have ever had the privilege to see & watch … well 4 + 1 filmmaker … who is also extremely talented. The day included a showing of their 2016 Shark Bay Inscription work. It will be on display at Maud Creative Newstead, Brisbane,QLD till 8th Mar 2014. To quote Les, this work

… is an engagement with nature and culture as landscape, memory and myth. It seeks to support environmentality as a permanent concern for humanists, and to encourage and reinforce public concern for the fate of the earth, and our responsibility to act on that awareness.

A must see for those who are passionate about our environment, can see the abstract in the forms of our incredible country & appreciate beautiful fine art. The detail they have managed to extract from these scenes defies belief yet stares you in the face … you feel that if you ran your hands over the photograph – heaven forbid – it would come alive & you would feel every bump & crevice every grain of sand … simply breathtaking. The 4 photographers I speak of are Les Walkling, Tony Hewitt, Christian Fletcher & Peter Eastway with Michael Fletcher recording their every project. If you haven’t attended a presentation or workshop from either one of these extraordinary Australian photographers you simply don’t know what you are missing. Just a day listening to Les discuss the influences of colour & the ins & outs of printing will leave you hanging on for more. 5  passionate & enthusiastic people willing to sharing their knowledge & experiences.

ND5 (Ninety Degrees Five) is a perfect example of how 5 people can work successfully together … applauding the power of collaboration.