Taking photographs … making photographs!

I’ve read the words ‘making a photograph’ in many books with no further explanation & often wondered why ‘making’ … what is the difference between ‘making’ & ‘taking’ a photograph. The light bulb! … whilst creatively working on my photograph it suddenly dawned on me that, that is just what I am doing ‘making my photograph’! I am currently reading Chris Butcher’s book on ‘Black & White Digital Photography’ & in the first chapter here are those words again. Reading further Chris expands the idea & corroborates my thoughts that yes there is a difference between the two.
Digital cameras have made it so easy to click away ‘taking’ photos but when you stop & think about the view in front of you & how you see that picture in your mind you are about to ‘make’ a photograph … you move around, maybe wait for the perfect lighting or for that cloud to be in a better position all the time thinking how to ‘make’ that photo … same applies when editing an image in the digital darkroom you are ‘making’ your photo! … well that’s how I see it :)
Happy creating.