Our Brisbane photoshoot …

Sunday saw a bunch of us from our Grafix club venture into Brisbane for a photoshoot. Some grungy graffiti would be great, old warehouses or allies also on our list but generally we’d out on a recce to spot some good places to return …ideally we should be in the city for early morning street cleaners or later in the evening for the lights but hey! The idea is to gain some experience & knowledge of street photography!

Travelling from Glass House we met at Caboolture for the 8am train. Weather for the day is gloriously sunny.

Some of us don’t travel PT regularly, if at all, so just getting our train ticket was an exercise in itself!!! Speaking for myself over the 5 years I have been in Qld I have only braved the Qld trains once. Rocking up to the ticket window my request for a “return to city please”‘ was met with a “sorry we don’t do return tickets” …  uh???  Over the past few years Trans Link has introduced a new system  … Go card & not being regular users of PT we knew squat about this system but hey no problems the ticket master was about to enlighten us! It was after all his duty to sell us the Go Card!

Listening to his spiel & attempting to absorb it all we got the gist that, indeed, it was going to save us money which in my book was good. For the next 20/30 mins (just as well we arrived early) we were ‘entertained’ by this fellow … his jovial, appealing manner was just what was needed to  explain the whole process … he went out of his way to answer all our question & to make darn sure this group of – dare I say ‘befuddled’ ladies- understood just how to use the card & the pitfalls we should avoid.

Go cards swiped & all our new found knowledge filed away somewhere to be retrieved when required we headed off for the train … hopefully we put a smile on M’s face  as he certainly had us chuckling :D

At this stage we had no definite plan of attack however by the time we arrived at Roma Street station all was sorted we had the makings of a plan … we would split in 2 – some went straight into the city whilst the rest of us visited the Roma Street Parklands … all to meet up at Southbank for morning tea … sounded like a good start to our day!

I was part of the 3 who went to the parklands …we were very lucky to catch many of the plants showing off some brilliant colour a very pleasant surprise amongst the drab tones of the city buildings. I had not been here before & was suitably impressed. From the gardens we could either walk to Southbank … a long walk … or hop a bus & with our new Go card we could do that at no extra cost provided we moved on within an hour! With this in mind we used the hour to look over the gardens & see if it was worth a full day’s return visit … & yes it definitely is … there is a nice looking eatery for coffee & lunch!

Our hour up we searched out a bus … too easy one was right there so we boarded & headed for Southbank … getting the hang of this Go card!

Southbank is still in repair mode from 2010 floods & we felt there wasn’t much here today that was of interest to us. There’d been no call from the others so we wandered around for a bit. Time for a  lens change & whilst stopping I pulled my phone out to check & whoops there was a text message along with a missed call! The others had arrived at the Art Gallery & not particularly interested in Southbank so we made our way there to meet for coffee. More people around now & the day has warmed up somewhat … a glorious winters day … well warmer than a winters day more like spring which is only round the corner!

After a couple more phone calls miss directions & directions we finally meet up & by now thirsty & hungry … it’s almost lunch time … we catch up & enjoy coffee & lunch.

Our group has grown as we are joined by three more … after a chat & all refreshed we split up again & go on our way. Our group head on into the city for a wander & look see. As in most cities there are many interesting buildings such a shame we are losing so many through neglect! We wander the streets clicking away … there’ll be a lot of perspective issues with this lot:) … buildings on a lean … a tilt shift lens would be great!!!!

With our feet telling us it’s time we make our way to the station for the train home.

A very enjoyable day was had by all … will be added to the growing list of places to be explored again … maybe a weekend so we are ready for the early morning activities – no people only garbage trucks & road cleaners & the evening lights!

Cheers, Annette ;)

Brissy Compo