My new toy …

Well after months & months of wishing & hoping I now have my new toy … no its not any spanking new camera lens – I wish – or a medium format camera – wish again not much on my wish list ha ha ha  … but a toy that will save me sooooo much time & whole lot less grrrr’s, argrrrs, no’s!!!! & frustration!

I set my local PC man a task with a list of my ‘needs’ & budget for a new PC. He went about it with much gusto as he does & came up with a solution to which I took purchase of Friday. Mind you I had to prize it away from him he was so impressed with it’s speed!!!! :wink:

From the minute I turn on the power the system is up & running before I sit down no waiting, no more thinking ‘while that’s waking up I can do this this or that’ … that may change as over time I’ll no doubt clog it up, but while it’s new & clean I can enjoy :)

Won’t go into all the techy details as that is the other side of the fence for me. But needless to say it is 64bit & I now have 8 x more memory & have the option to grow more – twice as much more! Now all this new grunt power can be either good or bad – the bad or negative is it means I now have to set my alarm to get off my butt & move around – some chores will be relegated to ‘later’ as before I could do then in between recoveries!! the good – well where do I begin: my coffee intake will drop  (don’t have to walk away when things go slow), less wasted time retrieving programmes from their walkabout, fewer versions of the same file (I found I was having to save a file part way through flatten that new one & continue with my edits – in the end I could have 2-3 copies of the same file my PC couldn’t save once I got to intensive layer work) the new auto recovery has been a blessing & saved me oh so much time hopefully I won’t be needing that quite as often! Cross my fingers I won’t see that dreaded ‘not enough RAM’ message quite so often … if at all but that’s asking a lot! Then there are the simple tasks: I can now use a brush larger than 900px & quick selection works – yes:) I can also allocate a ton of RAM to PS & I can use the adjustment brush in LR with no lagging … so much more.

I can now be scanning slides & continue working on other files … finally my 100000’s of slides & 100000000’s of negatives may just see the light of day … at least take their first step & get to the PC with the chance of being put to paper:)

Wow has it all come down to this … it is so sad to be over excited with a toy that chains one to a chair!!!! :-?

My new PC came clean … only the OPS no added extras … it’s amazing what we get used to with a system bought from the shop pre-installed with so much garbage we don’t use or need. I can install what I want no excuse for a scrappy system … who said that ;)

More time for creating not waiting!

Cheers Ian :)