Orpheus Island 2013 Photography workshop …

Well what a workshop without doubt the best photography colour management workshop on offer with 2 of the best photographers in Australia – or the world in my mind!

We have just returned from the most enlightening workshop on colour management & printing anyone could ever hope to attend! The workshop was on the beautiful Orpheus Island & run by 2 of the most acclaimed photographers in Australia. Les Walkling & Tony Hewitt wow what a combination! How lucky were we to have the opportunity to attend this workshop.

Les Walkling to quote Les ‘an artist, educator & digital imaging consultant’ with work on display in many public collections. To describe the way Les goes about the task of imparting knowledge to his audience is way beyond my writings … you simply have to be there to listen to him … he is undeniably the most inspiring person I have ever listened to. He speaks from the heart with so much passion infusing ‘life’ into his words. His understanding of colour & the creation of that perfect print is second to none.

Tony Hewitt a Grand Master of Photography … over the years Tony has accumulated a plethora of accolades, recently titled the 2013 Canon AIPP Australian Photographer of the Year. Tony has a knack of seeing in his mind exactly the photograph he will make. In my mind if you don’t already have that special ‘knack’ it is such a treasured, invaluable skill to endeavour to develop …. I only hope I can learn this over the years left to me. Tony, like Les, is so passionate in his talking’s … watching him work you can see/feel the connection & empathy he has with his subject. So, so inspiring!

Both photographers were on hand to answer any & all question we had, no matter what time of day or night & could often be found in the dry lab helping ‘night owls’ perfect their developing techniques & printing well into the wee small hours. Thinking about that it wasn’t only Les & Tony who made themselves available their expert technicians were also invaluable in their assistance.

Les & Tony presented sessions covering colour, colour space, calibration, subject, lines, quadrants, LR, Photoshop, art papers, printing, finding the light, photo stacking, pictorial composition, black & white just to mention a few. We also had the enviable opportunity of being out there in the field watching Tony work his magic in many practical sessions. A must to be there. Not to mention the networking opportunity to mingle & learn from photographers of all genres & businesses who have extensively travelled the world. Simply awesome!!

On top of my list of ‘takeaways’ … of which there are many … are 2 & they will possibly be worked in conjunction with each other …  the first being to work on looking at the lines & quadrants in the photograph I am about to make, the second & at the same time develop the skill of ‘seeing’ the making of that photograph.

If I get the chance I will certainly be going along next year. Orpheus Island is the perfect surroundings to loose oneself in the world of making your photo … a perfect environment to absorb all the knowledge delivered.

Joining Les & Tony were many special assistants. John & Pam de Rooy who did an exceptional task of organising chefs & sufficient food to feed the masses for the week … & wow what food the meals were sumptuous & plenty for all. We had handpicked chefs to conjure up delicious meals to nourish our brains. They also organised the transportation of precious Ezio monitors, Epson printers & a mountain of paper. Along with John & Pam were expert technical assistants to tackle the inevitable computer glitches, & of course the sponsors, Epson, Nikon (Aust), Eizo, Canson, CR Kennedy, Hasselblad, Kayell (Aust) and Apple, with heaps of equipment to die for & try out there & then on the spot …. I ask you what more could you possibly ask for!!

Thank you all … hears to next year! Although I didn’t go out with the expectation of coming home with a portfolio of out of this world photos I will use what I have learnt & post some up over the next few days … my task was to learn from the masters!!!