Last few months …

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here … the time just flies by days merge into weeks & weeks into months & soon we are nearly at the dreaded “C’ season!

Over the past months we have had the opportunity to purchase some new camera gear, delved into the possibility of building on our block of land, registered my name as a business & put some of our images in for printing as large as they could be. I am still waiting for those to come back … a couple on canvas & some on PVC we were going for aluminium but was talked out of it as they are a lot heavier & we can get the same look on the PVC … waiting anxiously to see the results.

 The last few weeks has seen us out trying our new lenses & we’re discovering a whole new world & learning so much about our new cameras. Our new 400mm is very special & takes some getting used to … very very conscious of how we handle it. With the images we have taken so far although only early ones – we can see the potential – we are like a pair of kids excited by a new toy … all be it a very expensive new toy!! My next favourite is the 135mm such a beautiful sharp lens.

Oh my gosh I don’t believe I haven’t mentioned our celebration – a few days in Darwin plus a 6hr or so flight in a helicopter over Kakadu … yes 6 hours wow such an amazing experience!!! It was a special occasion celebrating 60 yrs of life plus 40 yrs of life together & as we were afraid of we came away thinking it is the only way to see & capture some of our awesome country :) A little more expensive but hey!!!!! We have since read about a fellow who has decked out a helicopter – how’s that ey – & he & his wife spend their days photographing our vast country – landing where & when they like camping out to get up close & personal to areas otherwise inaccessible by any other means. What a life & as expected they have some truly captivating photographs.

Meanwhile, coming back down from the clouds, here at home, we are limited to our local area so I have been out to our Mary Cairncross Reserve using the 135mm. The Ewan Maddock Dam, which is where I sent many hours over the dry season wandering in amongst the melaleucas & around the banks of the dam waters is full of water right now which is good – however it doesn’t have the character the dried out mud flats gave. The twisted roots of the Melaleuca’s are all submerged so the intricate shapes you could imagine within the twists & knots cannot be seen … I wonder if the level will drop as much this coming season ? So my new place of roaming is the Mary Cairncross Reserve.

Here I have been playing with the early morning light that bounces off the trees & the knotted roots of the vines. I could spend many hours in there & will no doubt go back several more times … not sure if my friend who accompanied me felt the same way but I find the shapes in nature fascinating J The 135mm allows me to get a tighter shot – guess I am sort of creating a ‘portrait of the rainforest’. Our area round here doesn’t present itself to larger vistas so getting close seems to be an answer … that’s how I see it anyway … here are some of my results from Mary Cairncross.

I will upload some Darwin shots in another post :)MaryCaircross05

MaryCaircross01MaryCaircross08MaryCaircross02MaryCaircross03  MaryCaircross06 MaryCaircross09   MaryCaircross07